Monday, 18 February 2013

Nobody but you

My heart

is singing

your song.

I can hear that beautiful melody

and the beat

sending that perfect sound, 

a red vitality

soaring through my blood stream. 

My heart

has but one purpose,

to love you.

But you don't want my love.

With a heart of your own 

there's no room for another.

I'm not ready to give my heart away 

you say.

Turn back little heart 

you are not welcome here. 

My heart


broken and bruised

sings a strange lullaby

in its cage. 

Nowhere to go.


The notes echo through my bones

and the broken chords make 

haunting sounds.

The notes fall onto my cheek

and wiping them way

I am greeted by a cold silence,


the colour blue.

And in my chest I find

a still heart 

that will beat for nobody.

Nobody, but you.

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